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We believe that climate change has become a water issue for cities, and the combination of rapid urbanization, extreme weather, and outdated infrastructure is threatening freshwater resources in our communities. In response, AquiPor is developing a state-of-the-art permeable concrete technology to help manage stormwater where it falls, alleviate urban flooding, and help recharge groundwater at scale. Additionally, this proprietary concrete has the potential to help decarbonize one of the world’s most pollutive industries due to a proprietary catalytic technology that does not require traditional cement plants.


Our market opportunity comes at the intersection of these large markets.


Our technology has evolved into a lower CO2 concrete solution that utilizes widely available industrial and agricultural "leftover" materials, and which can be optimized for a range of applications based on permeability and strength requirements.

Primary Products Under Development:

  • Permeable pavers: Permeable pavers made with AquiPor inside may be used in various landscape architecture designs in residential, commercial, and light industrial situations where in-place stormwater management and green infrastructure is desired.

  • Permeable precast sidewalk panels: Our permeable sidewalk product is being developed to function as the “hardscape filter” of an engineered system design that accepts stormwater from the street and allows it to permeate through the sidewalk section as a means of draining street runoff directly into the ground within existing urban areas. These panels are precast, and thus offer installation and replacement advantages.

  • Permeable detention cells: As part of our permeable sidewalk system design, our permeable detention cells are being developed for installation underneath AquiPor's permeable sidewalk panels to accept large volumes of runoff and allow it to dissipate naturally into the ground below. With up to 35% void space, these cells can help manage peak flows from flash rain events and will be used as part of fully engineered design based on a given area’s rainfall averages and soil hydrology. In addition to our core technology already representing up to an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to normal concrete (an internal estimate), AquiPor’s detention cells can be produced with carbon sequestering biochar and / or fly ash waste products to increase the potential for offsets and the revenues that come with them.


Additional Products Under Development:

  • Permeable spread foundations: Being designed for property developments where high water tables pose a challenge.

  • Roadway permeable precast sub-base: Being designed to improve roadway construction productivity, quicker construction times and reduced settlement and roadway maintenance.

Intellectual Property

AquiPor is a design-build Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management (E.P.CM.) company focused on large-scale green infrastructure projects primarily centered around water infrastructure, stormwater management, and groundwater infiltration, amongst other things.

AquiPor’s intellectual property rights include exclusive rights to license patents 9,943,791 (“Unitized formed construction materials and methods for making same”) and all continuations, 10,106,463 (“Mineral-based porous sand and methods for making mineral-based porous sand) and all continuations, and 10,486,984 (“Road surface covering system”) and all continuations. These licensing rights are through RJSK, LLC and details of the licensing arrangement can be made available upon request.

AquiPor’s intellectual property rights also include options to license a patent-pending permeable cement technology (patent application number to remain undisclosed), patent 10,865,547 (“Distributed Integrated Water System”) and all continuations, including the “Distributed Utility System” continuation.

These options include a first right of offer as the exclusive Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management company to utilize the aforementioned patented and patent-pending technologies for general site, civil, and stormwater design and engineering, procurement of permeable precast concrete and multi-utility components, and general construction management. The details of this arrangement is available upon request.


  • Nearly $4M raised from investors to fund our technology R&D cycles, culminating in our low CO2 emitting permeable concrete technology.

  • Small scale pilot manufacturing and internal testing & standardization underway at a local precast concrete manufacturing facility in Spokane, WA.

  • U.S. Green Building Council - Los Angeles, Net Zero Accelerator inductee 2022.
  • Strategic partnership discussions are underway with a specialty paving contractor (currently under NDA).

The Team

AquiPor’s co-founders have experience running startups in the green infrastructure and building materials space, having previously launched new permeable hardscape products into developing market opportunities. They have surrounded themselves with advisors who have experience in the construction, engineering, building products, mining, material handling, and financial services industries.

Greg Johnson, Founder & CEO  

Greg Johnson is AquiPor’s founding CEO. He is committed to solving climate-related challenges through technology and conscious capitalism. 

He has worked with construction-related and climate tech startup companies for over 11 years and cofounded his first company in 2011. That particular company imported, marketed, and sold specialty permeable pavers for on-site stormwater management in North America. Greg’s vision of developing better technology and more efficient manufacturing processes led to his team’s pivot away from the distribution model and toward the development of proprietary permeable concrete and engineering technologies. This would be the impetus of AquiPor Technologies. 

Greg has founded and managed a handful of other startup companies focused on building material technologies and has gained a breadth of experience regarding early stage technology development, startup fundraising, I.P. strategy, and leading early stage teams. He was recently named a Global Sustainability Leader by the U.S. Green Chamber of Commerce and has become a thought leader in the green construction space.

A graduate of Carroll College (MT), Greg was a four year letter winner on the men’s basketball team where he garnered All-Conference Academic awards in 2002, 2003, and 2004, and on the court he led the conference in assists and steals in 2003 and 2004. A natural “point guard”, Greg brings his leadership ability to AquiPor where he provides the vision, strategy, and market expertise to bring AquiPor’s emerging technologies to communities throughout the U.S.

Kevin Kunz, Co-Founder  

Kevin is a passionate cofounder with prior startup experience in the stormwater management and green infrastructure industries. Kevin brings a great deal of market knowledge and experience in the space and has been successful developing new building material products.

As the former Director of Product for KloroStone permeable pavers in the U.S. market, Kevin was responsible for the product and application testing of material, having worked hand-in-hand with geotechnical engineers to gather data and perform ASTM tests to validate the technology. He helped put together the professional white paper which outlined product characteristics and he has extensive experience calling on architects and engineers.

Kevin seeks out new market opportunities in the public sector and has become a thought leader in U.S. stormwater policy and the in the overarching water infrastructure space.


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